7 Chores Your 2 Year Old Can Help with ...


Itโ€™s hard to say no to their sweet faces when they just want to help, and some chores just arenโ€™t toddler friendly, but there are some chores your 2 year old can help with. It can be difficult giving up control and letting your toddler help you with things around the house. Simple tasks may end up taking twice as long and you could even have to do them over later, but finding chores your 2 year old can help with will avoid melt downs and giving you the chance to say yes for a change. It can also be fun!

1. Sweeping the Floor

A toddler using a broom that is twice as tall as he is? No ladies, I am not kidding - sweeping is just one of the chores your 2 year old can help with. I know this can be a scary combination, but you may be amazed at how much fun your toddler will have while sweeping the floor. He can sweep after meals while you clear the table and load the dishwasher. It beats watching him go around making the mess worse. With some practice (if you hold it), he should even be able to use the dustpan to put the crumbs in the trash. If you are nervous about letting your toddler use an adult sized broom, you can give him a toy broom that is more his size or even a handheld broom that will eliminate the long handle all together.

Putting Things Away
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