7 Ways to Celebrate a Teen's Birthday ...


When your princess was little, it was easy to plan her birthday party. All you needed was a cake, ice cream, some dress-up clothes, and a few of her little friends to play with and bring the smiles. Now that she’s a teenager, it’s not so simple. She’s still, of course, a princess, but she wants a little more for her birthday parties, especially her sweet 16, so you’re scrambling for ideas. No worries! Having once been a teen girl, I know what will make them feel pampered and adored without making them feel babied or bored. Here are 7 ways to celebrate a teen’s birthday.

1. Spa Day

What teen girl wouldn’t love a day at the spa, even if it’s just for manis and pedis? Even the tomboys in the crowd will love the pampering and the pretty nails and toes and super-soft skin at the end. Plus, it’s a perfect time for all the girls to giggle and gossip and flip through all the magazines they wouldn’t normally read.

Movie Night
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