7 Daily Relationship Tips for Your Children ...


As a mother, there's no one you love more than your children. It's very important to cultivate that relationship with your child while they are young. I was blessed to have an amazing mother who made every day fun and vibrant! She's still the one I look to for advice and friendship now that I'm grown. Do you want to be your child's best friend and the one they come to for advice? You can make it happen! Here are 7 daily relationship tips for your children. Put them to work and watch your relationship blossom!

1. Monday

As the start of a new week, mondays are no one's favorite day! As you send your child off to school, slip a little treat or note into his backpack to help make the day a little brighter. My mom used to write messages in chocolate syrup on our cupcakes or cookies. Sometimes she would cut our sandwiches into fun shapes. Be the mom that puts a cookie in your child's lunchbox!

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