7 Health Benefits of Motherhood ...

You’d be forgiven for thinking there can’t be many health benefits of motherhood – after all, pregnancy and labor can be tough on the body, and that’s before the sleepless nights, toddler tantrums and emotional trauma when your little one runs into the wall (that’s happened to everyone, right?!).

And when your lovely little toddler is running around refusing to put trousers on, or screaming in the supermarket, it’s all too easy to wonder what on earth you were thinking…so here’s the top health benefits of motherhood.

Trust me, they help in those dark moments!

1. It’s Great Exercise…

Parenting shop Mothercare recently released the results of a survey that suggest new mums push a buggy 750 miles in their first year as a parent – that’s almost the length of the UK!

Not only is walking a great way to lose weight, but pushing a pushchair also builds muscle.

There’s even a number of fitness classes involving pushchairs becoming more popular, which makes this one of the great health benefits of motherhood – and it’s a great way to be social, too.