7 Ways to Tell People You Are Pregnant ...


For most women, figuring out ways to tell people you are pregnant is one of the most exciting things you get to do! You want it to be an unforgettable moment for everyone involved, and that's why there are so many different ideas out there for sharing the big news. Make sure to have someone photograph or videotape everyone's reactions to have a happy and funny keepsake to show your child when they're older. Here are 7 ways to tell people you are pregnant that can help get your creative juices flowing!

1. Have Your Kids Tell

Of all the ways to tell people you are pregnant, here's one that your child can be a part of. Buy or make a T-shirt for your firstborn that bears the message, "Iโ€™m going to be a big sister (or brother)." Have your child wear the T-shirt to your next family gathering and watch the fun begin as people realize the big news your child's shirt reveals! Another way to have your child make the big announcement is to have them whisper the "secret" to your family members. Have them say something like, "Psst! Iโ€™m going to be a big sister (or brother)!" It will be fun to see the look of surprise on some people's faces and the look of confusion on others. Plus, it keeps your kids from feeling left out by the news of a new baby.

Have Your Pet Tell
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