7 Ways to Teach Your Son to Be a Gentleman ...


It is possible to teach your son to be a gentleman if you put a little effort and thought into it! As with anything else, you will need patience and dedication, but these tips will get you on the right track. Starting at a young age is best, but there’s always hope to learn anything new for any age! Keep on reading to learn a few ways you can teach your son to be a gentlemen and get ooohs and aaahs from the ladies for the rest of his life!

1. Manners Matter

The number one way you can teach your son to be a gentleman is by starting with his manners! A simple “please” and “thank you” go such a long way. Chewing with your mouth closed, putting down the lid on the toilet, and taking off your shoes before walking through the house are a few other things to work on. Start young, and be patient. These things take time!

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