7 Ways to Teach Your Child to Share ...


If you have siblings who won't share, then you may be looking for ways to teach your child to share. Children have to be taught about things which we know will hold them in good stead in life and will also mean they won't be ostracized or considered social pariahs. Teaching your child good sharing etiquette might seem a cinch but once children and toys are involved, it can be a case of survival of the quickest. These ways to teach your child to share with siblings or other friends will help ensure they will have lots of friends.

1. Set Time Aside

One of the ways to teach your child to share is to set aside time when you can interact and play with them. Children learn best when they have an adult or parent working with them. Help your child to get the toys out and lay them out on an open area so that you have room to play with them.

Model Behavior
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