9 Ways to Talk to Your Child about Weight ...


Finding ways to talk to your child about weight can be very difficult for many parents, because it’s not discussed openly as a parenting issue, just a health issue, and no parent wants to hurt their child’s feelings. However, it’s important that you have this conversation because of the impact of being overweight or obese on your child’s future. Here are 9 ways to talk to your child about weight.

1. Preparing Yourself

Let’s face it – child obesity has now become such a major cause for concern and a huge problem for parents. How do we manage it without causing the child to become self-conscious, insecure or obsessive about their weight? The best way is to learn ways to talk to your child about weight, be prepared and watch out for early warning signs. You should also set a good example from the outset by eating healthily as a family and involving the whole family in active play, bike rides and walks.

Bringing up the Issue of Weight
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