7 Ways to Make Household Chores Fun for Kids ...


Some kids enjoy helping mom and dad around the house, but for those who don’t, I have compiled a list of ways to make household chores fun! Instead of making it feel like a punishment, turn on some music and make a game of it. Follow these simple ways to make household chores fun and you’ll never hear your kids whining over it again!

1. Sticker Chart

One of the most common ways to make household chores fun for kids is with a weekly sticker chart. After each task is complete your kids get a sticker next to their name and at the end of the week whomever has the most stickers can receive a little reward! The reward doesn’t have to be something big either; for little ones it can be an extra hour of watching TV and for older kids perhaps they can get an extra dollar with their allowance.

Set a Timer
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