7 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Childs Love of Learning ...

By Eliza

7 Simple Ways to Encourage Your Childs Love of Learning ...

Kids don’t always love getting an education, but encouraging your child’s love of learning isn’t all that hard and he’ll thank you for it in the years to come. If your child wants to learn, school will be infinitely easier for him because he’ll enjoy being in the classroom discovering new things. It’s not always easy to convince a kid to learn, so keep encouraging your child’s love of learning every day and things will fall into place as you go.

1 Read Every Day

It doesn’t have to be an hour long reading marathon for your child to benefit. Entering the wonderland that books have to offer is the easiest way to develop your child’s love of learning. When they enter the new lands and meet all the characters in a book, kids naturally want to check out new and different volumes to see what they have to offer. Read to your child when she’s little, then designate a family reading time each day when she’s ready to read on her own, which is a really simply way of encouraging your child’s love of learning.

2 Provide Opportunities for Open Play

Yep, playing equals learning for kids. When kids are given the chance to make up their own games, turn a box into a rocket ship and pretend to serve pizza to stuffed bears, their little brains are expanding. Open play boosts many aspects of development, including fine motor skills, cognition, cause and effect and creativity. So, don’t turn each day into a constant learning situation. Give your child the chance to learn on his own. You can use the time to grab a snack, watch your favorite television show or simply sit on the couch in silence. It’s a winner, winner!

3 Talk about What You Each Learned

At the end of each day, take turns talking about something you each learned that day. Tell your child what you learned at work and let her talk about what she learned in daycare or at school. By making it a point to discuss new things, you get your child into the habit of getting excited about learning something each and every day. Even if it’s just that stepping on a snail makes a crunchy sound.

4 Add Details

No matter what your child gets excited about, add some details to make it a learning opportunity. Your child won’t realize he’s getting an education; he’ll just be happy to find out more about his favorite things. So next time he roars like a dinosaur, go ahead and tell him that dinosaurs made noise to attract mates or to corral their prey into a corner so they could eat. No matter what it is, these small details add up to huge caches of knowledge.

5 Ask Questions

Ask your child what happens when she puts her cup on the edge of the table or what might happen if she forgot her folder when she left for school. Ask her what order events happened in her new favorite book. Help your child relate to things that are happening around her. Ask her what she thinks about things too. All these questions get her mind working and foster the love of learning more and more all the time.

6 Foster Hobbies

If your child shows interest in something, encourage him to continue learning more about it. If your son loves cars and trucks, take a trip to the transportation museum or let him take apart an old toy car to see how it looks inside. This is serious fun for your child, but it also encourages him to keep learning.

7 Try New Things

You know that you learn lots when you take a cooking class or check out the new exhibit at the museum, and the same goes for your kid. Each time she has a new experience, she gains new knowledge. So head to a new playground, read a new set of books or shop at a different grocery store.

How do your kids like to learn? What’s your favorite way to teach your child something new?

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