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As a personal trainer and mom of three, I practice healthy habits in my household and guide clients to embody habits of healthy families. If you raise your children with healthy habits, they have a 60% decrease in being obese as an adult, a lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure and a more positive mind and body image. Chances are when your children have their own children one day, they will relay these habits to their little ones so you can help generations to come. So make a change today by following habits of health families:

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Skip the Soda

Listen, I am not perfect, but one thing I have vowed is to not give my children soda. At the age of 9 years and 7 years, my daughters have never had soda and they prefer to have water over anything. Soda has so many adverse effects on your health, so why expose your children to this? When in need of a change I make a fruit smoothie. This tops my tips of habits of healthy families because it makes a big difference.


Eliminate the High Sugar Cereal

For breakfast it is important to have protein and a complex carb, but sugary cereal is not on the nutrition necessity list for your body, so skip this. Sugary cereal will cause a plummet in your children’s energy level and it is unhealthy for their teeth. Feed your children oatmeal, eggs or a whole grain cereal so they will think clearer, feel better and have more energy to conquer the day. Make sure you do the same so you can be a happy and healthy family while practicing what you preach!


Never Skip Breakfast

One thing I never do is skip breakfast. Even if I am not hungry I still have something to eat, because it is important to “break the fast” and get your metabolic rate going in the morning. It is also important to eat breakfast to maintain brain functionality. A family that eats breakfast together has more confidence and is more secure, so try to eat together when possible.


Do Not Focus Parties around Food

One of the biggest problems, and we all do this at some time or another, is to have a party focused entirely around food. Although food selection is important this should not be the focal point of a party, or what will we be teaching our children? Focus a party around games, activities and have some healthy food choices. Fun and food should not go hand in hand, unless it is healthy food, of course.


Do Not Force Your Child to Eat

I recall my parents having me sit for hours until I finished my plate, and although I know they meant well and they were just doing what they thought was right, I still recall this. There were many times I just did not have the appetite to eat any more when I was a child, so now as a mom when I call the shots, I never force my children to eat anything on their plate. As long as they eat their salad and their greens, they can be excused from the table. This has worked well for me because my children love their greens and they never feel anxiety at the dinner table.


Plan Activities Together

An active family is a happier family, so bond in some activities and feel yourself grow as a family while making memories. Some of my best memories involve ice skating, sleigh riding, swimming and various other activities. If you raise your children active, they will have a higher likelihood of being active adults. So get moving together!


Be Confident and Positive to One Another

I do not tolerate negativity in my home and encourage positive reinforcement. We all perform better when we have positivity around us, so embrace each other. If there is something we have to work on, I spin this in a positive way so we can all come out on top and happy. Try this and you will see the great results!

Hope you have enjoyed my healthy tips and you will try this in your home. Do you have any health tips you practice with your family? Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!

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Lol "my inlaws" shunned me from the beginning bc I was catholic and middlecladd

Great advice! Especially keeping things positive. My husbands family take any and every opportunity to say something negative about each other and to point out each other's flaws. It's no way to live

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