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My oldest son is old enough to play sports at school now, so I’ve spent this year getting well acquainted with the reasons your kids should play team sports. And there are many. Yes, rearranging the schedule to accommodate practices and games isn’t always easy, but it turns out that his time with his team is super beneficial in so many ways. So, if your kids are on the brink of coming of age for sports, check out these reasons your kids should play team sports and it’ll be a bit easier to make the effort.

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It’s Fun

What could be more fun than spending afternoons and weekends playing sports with friends? My son loves the extra opportunity to be with his classmates and play a game without worry that recess will be over before the game is, and that’s one of the top reasons your kids should play team sports. Spending time with friends is great for a kid’s self-esteem and it helps them build long lasting relationships. So letting my son run cross country and play basketball have been great for forging new bonds with old friends.


It’s Good Exercise

I’m a stickler for making sure my kids plenty of physical activity each day, so team sports takes some of the pressure off me. When my son spends an hour and a half at practice or an hour playing a game, he’s burning lots of calories and giving his muscles a workout. That’s great for weight control and protection from lots of health problems, including heart disease and diabetes. The best part – to him it isn’t even exercise, it’s just fun!


They Develop Teamwork

When a kid joins a sports team, he quickly learns that he isn’t the only person that carries the team. That enables him to work with his teammates to win games and learn new skills. My own son has made great strides in being happy for his teammate’s successes and is pretty willing to learn from them if he wants to develop a skill he’s not the best at yet. This is valuable because it teaches kids to work together and feel like part of a group.


A Coach’s Influence

Sure, parents are the most important adults in a kid’s life, but a good coach is beneficial too. A coach doesn’t see your child through your rose-colored glasses and it doesn’t hurt his heart to tell your kid he’s doing it wrong or he can get better. Plus, a coach brings an entirely new set of life lessons that he can impart upon your child. My opinion is that kids can never have too many good, positive role models so getting your child involved in team sports is a great way to find a new one. This is especially important for single moms as their sons and daughters have the opportunity to have positive male influence in their lives. Yes, coaches are often women and they are good role models too, but in other ways.


It Gives Them Something to do

For kids who may be on their own after school, team sports are a great way to keep them occupied, which means they won’t be as likely to get in trouble out of boredom. If your child regularly goes to after-school care or stays at home alone until you get there, team sports are a safe and positive activity for her. She’ll be with friends and you can rest assured that she’s being cared for in your absence. If school sports aren’t an option, consider getting her involved in a team league.


Better Grades

My son isn’t allowed to play if his grades slip, so that’s a really powerful motivator for keeping on track in the classroom. Kids who play sports are better at managing their time and creating a goal system that gets them where they want to be. That’s great for schoolwork because it can help them learn and grow academically at the same time that they perfect their skills on the field or court.


It Creates Memories

I coach the girls’ team while my son plays on the boys’ team at his school. This gives us a great opportunity to travel to games together and rehash the game afterward. It’s also fun to compare our different drills and stats in the car back and forth to practice. Not only are we creating memories together, but my son is going to look back on this time with happy memories when he gets older. And so am I.

What do you think about team sports? They make my life crazy busy, but I’m all for them!

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