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New Year’s resolutions for families should be something you can do together. It doesn’t have to be about spending money, but more about spending time with one another and making memories together. New Year’s resolutions for families are a great way to set goals to do and try new things in the coming year. What do you have planned as a family for your New Year’s resolution?

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Family Dinners

Many of us keep to a very busy schedule, however a New Year’s resolution for families that everyone should do is to have more family dinners together. As busy as you get, sitting down together, sharing dinner together, and talking about your favorite moments of the day is important. It’s not only a way for your kids to feel that your family has structure and balance, but will teach them healthy eating habits as well.


Volunteer More

Show your kids how much they can do in the community by making a resolution to volunteer more. Whether you help out at your church, donate used clothes and items to a shelter, or volunteer to clean up local parks, it’s a great way for your family to do something together while giving back.


Less Electronic Use

If it seems that your kids always have their faces in their phones, laptops, or glued to the TV set, a great New Year’s resolution for your family would be to unplug and use electronics less. Get out the board games, go for a walk, and do something that doesn’t involve the use of electronics. Communicate more as a family and step away from the internet at least one night a week, if not more.


Family Night

Speaking of board games, another great resolution is to schedule more family nights where you play games, watch a movie, or just hang out together. Turn off your phones and just live in the moment, enjoying the night together. Turn on the radio and have a dance off, get out all your funky old clothes and dress up to take silly photos, or go down Main Street to window shop and eat ice cream at your favorite place. There are tons of ideas you can do that are free or low budget, no matter how small or big your family is. So tune in less to your phone and tune in more to each other this new year.


Eating Healthier

A great way to get your children to eat more veggies and less junk food is to make a resolution as a family to eat and live healthier. More water and milk with dinner and less sugary fruit drinks to sip on. No more buying junk food, only fruit and healthy snacks to pack in their lunch. Also, each night before dinner, take a walk or bike ride around the neighborhood or to the park to get out of the house and get more exercise together. No more excuses as a family.


Staying Organized

When your children see their parents trying to stay organized with a place for shoes and coats, no junk mail piles on the desk, and no dishes in the sink, they will learn to stay tidy as well. Make a resolution and a chart to help your entire family keep the house organized together. It’s a team effort that everyone plays a part of.



Teach your kids about being responsible with money by saving more and spending less. Use a money jar for coins and dollar bills, and at the end of each month, take the jar to the bank to show your kids how much money you have saved. You can either set a goal to reach a certain amount by the end of the year or you can continue to save and teach your kids that you only use it in case of an emergency. Either way, it’s a great way to show your kids how to save money.

What are some New Year’s resolutions you have planned for your family?

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