9 Ways to Have a Better Relationship with Your Teenager ...


Having a better relationship with your teenager isnโ€™t impossible, although you may have wondered that before. Being the parent of a teenager can be challenging, but just as with every other stage your child has gone through, the teen years wonโ€™t last forever. Read on to learn my tips for building a better relationship with your teenager!

1. Make Time for Your Teen

One of the top ways to work on a better relationship with your teenager is by making time for your teen. Whether itโ€™s making time to take them out just the two of you, making time to go to important events in your teenโ€™s life, or making time to sit and talk, this little tip can really help create a better bond for you and your teen. If you need to take some extra time off of work, a few days here and there wonโ€™t hurt.

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