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One of the most shocking things about pregnancy is when people touch your pregnant belly so freely. This can catch even the most open and friendly woman off guard. Even though the gesture is meant in admiration for carrying a baby and in kindness, it can feel very invasive. Let’s talk about some of the ways you can deal when people touch your pregnant belly.

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Put Your Hand on Your Belly, Too

One of the easiest ways to deal with the situation when people touch your pregnant belly is to place your hand on your belly, too. This is a non-verbal message that tells them to move their own hands. Your hands are invading space they thought they had for their hands. They will more than likely move back without you saying a word. This is one of the easier ways to deal with this situation.


Say, “Please Don’t Touch My Belly”

There is absolutely nothing wrong with saying, “Please don’t touch my belly.” It is your body. No one has the right to touch it if you don’t give them permission. After all, we don’t walk up to random people and start touching them everywhere, do we? Then people shouldn’t do that to pregnant women. There is something very fascinating about a woman that is expecting but people should always ask you before they touch your belly.


Move Back a Step While Smiling

You can also send a silent message across if you simply take a step back from the person when they put their hands on your belly. Smile when you do this so they get the message that you aren’t trying to be unkind. This is a very easy way to handle the situation and another non-verbal one. Most of us can handle close friends and family members touching our pregnant bellies but strangers are a different matter altogether. This can help you to get a stranger or someone closer to back away without saying a word.


Comment That You like Your Space

You could also drop a comment that you like your space. You could politely say that their hands are invading your space. A lot of us are people that like our personal space, anyways. I know I have a thing with people standing too close or sitting too close to me if they are not a close friend or family member. The rubbing the pregnant belly thing definitely crossed the line for me. Telling them you like your space is just a way to exit that awkward situation and be truthful about it.


Shift Your Position a Bit

You know, you can just turn your body a bit and the other person will probably drop their hands. It is yet another non-verbal cue you can give. It seems very natural, too, and doesn’t scream that you want them to move it. You can do this in casual conversation and it does not seem awkward. You can shift to reach for your purse, to look at something or for a thousand other reasons.


Make a Joke about It

If you are feeling a little more brazen, you can make a joke about it. A lot of how you want to deal with this probably depends on your mood at the time. You may want to tell them that you are not a genie and they won’t get any wishes granted when they rub your belly. There are a lot of different things you can say or do to infuse humor while getting them to hopefully back away. That is the main goal, anyways.


Grin and Bear It

Sometimes, it is just easier to grin and bear it. Most people only touch your belly for a few seconds. It is up to you to decide how you want to deal with it. For me, when I was pregnant, I could handle close friends and family touching my bump. Strangers doing it really got to me. It is a personal thing that you have to decide how to deal with.

These 7 ideas hopefully offered you some creative ways to deal with people touching your pregnant belly. What are some ways you dealt with this situation? Help me to offer the readers some more ideas on the subject!

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I could understand if it's a stranger but if are my friends and family I don't see why not. Only my opinion of course.

I just put my hand on their belly and if they feel uncomfortable then they know how I feel.

This is ridiculous. It's just a belly.

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