7 Ways to Avoid Toddler Tantrums in the Grocery Store ...

By Alicia

7 Ways to Avoid Toddler Tantrums in the Grocery Store ...

Are you hoping to find ways to avoid toddler tantrums in the grocery store? Taking a toddler to the grocery store can be difficult, to say the least. And as lovely as it is to leave them with Grandma or Daddy, that isn’t always an option. When it isn’t, try these ways to avoid toddler tantrums.

1 Don’t Shop at Naptime

Moms, if you grocery shop when you should be home tucking your little one in for a nap, you are asking for a tantrum. You need to choose times for grocery shopping that are best for your toddler. You want to hit the grocery store with a child who is well rested and recently fed. This is one of the best ways to avoid toddler tantrums. Make sure your child is at their best when you hit the grocery store.

2 Put Your Child in the Buggy

This may sound like it is asking for trouble because your toddler may not want to sit in the buggy. But things will be much worse if you allow them to walk and wander the aisles while you shop. Insist on the buggy until your child is at least in kindergarten. Having them in the buggy will help minimize the battles you have with them. It also keeps them from getting into things.

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3 Take along Some Distractions

Take along some things to distract your child while you shop. This could be a book or a stuffed animal. Some favorite toys will be a welcome distraction here. It can be hard for a toddler to sit in the buggy for a long period of time with nothing to do. Giving them a coloring book and crayons or some other distraction is helpful.

4 Allow Them to Choose a Treat

There are lots of tempting things at the grocery store. We know because we are tempted too, even as adults. Allow them to choose a treat or two. Sometimes just letting them hold the treat they chose can make them happy. You can even allow them to enjoy a bit of it on the way home.

5 Have Snacks Available

If your child is the least bit hungry, taking them to the grocery store is not going to be pleasant for either of you. They may not understand why they can’t just eat the food they are seeing. Having a snack ready for them is imperative. It can make the difference between a good trip or a complete meltdown. It can also buy you some extra time to finish your shopping.

6 Make Use of Technology

I recently noticed a mom shopping at my local grocery store with her toddler in tow. The little guy was happily watching something on an iPad. I thought this was very smart of the mom. I know that we don’t want to allow our children to have too much television or screen time, but this may be a time you want to allow it. If they are engaged in a favorite show, you can shop peacefully.

7 Involve Them

This is something I did a lot when my kids were small. I would ask them to help me find something. It would usually be something I needed from the aisle I was in. They could feel helpful and I could get my shopping done without toddler tantrums. As they got a bit older we would play "I Spy" or other games. This kept them occupied.

These are 7 tactics to help you get your grocery shopping done without having to handle toddler tantrums. What are some of your strategies to get through the grocery store with a toddler? We moms can help each other out here.

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I use #6 at every store we visit! It's a lifesaver! He really doesn't care for it at home but definitely loves it in the car and at stores.

Make SURE you feed them before you go. Just like you if they're hungry, they want everything they see.

If you never cave, they won't even bother with the "I want a chocolate bar!!!" Tantrums cause they will figure out quickly it doesn't work! My mom swears by it and she shopped with two 2 YOs and a 4 YO!!

Don't let them pick a treat unless you want to do it every single time! But I find my girls love shaking cracker boxes to keep themselves amused! Lol



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