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When you are a working mom, you know all about trying to find ways of maximizing time with your child. You don’t have a lot of unlimited time at your disposal to spend with your child, so you have to make the best of what you have. These are some tips to help you with maximizing time with your child.

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Be Present

One of the best ways of maximizing time with your child is to be present. When you are with them, be with them. Force yourself to be zoned in to them and not thinking of a thousand other things. It is easy to be distracted by things going on at work or all that you have to do at home. But our children deserve to have us focused on them when we are together, at least some of the time.


Schedule Fun Times

For me, if I want something to happen, I have to schedule it. I have a feeling a lot of moms out there can relate. If you want to have some fun, quality time with your child, schedule it and be precise about what you are going to do. Make it a priority and pencil it in on your calendar. If you have a date with your child to go to the movies on Saturday, you are more likely to do that than just trying to slide some time in with your child when you can.


Have Evening Routines

Routines are good in many ways. They offer us and our child comfort and stability. Being a part of your child’s routines gives you some great opportunities to spend time together. You can play during bath time or share a bedtime story. This is something both you and your child can look forward to.


Let the Chores Go

When you are a working mom, the chores seem never ending. I know. I have been there. But sometimes, it is more important to spend time with your child than it is to catch up the never ending pile of laundry. You will never regret making memories but you may regret worrying over chores so much that you didn’t make memories.


Attend School Events

This is something that usually means a lot to our children. Most children want their mom and dad to be present at school plays and other events. It can be difficult to do but try to attend school events when you can. There generally are not too many each year. It is a small thing you can do that makes a big impact.


Take Vacations

Make it a priority to take a family vacation each year. You don’t have to take an elaborate vacation that you would have to go into debt for. It isn’t so much what you do. It is the fact that you are setting time aside to be together as a family. This is a great way to have some awesome time with your child.


Enjoy Busy Times, Too

There are some times that we just can’t slow down. When you are having those times, you can still enjoy them. Just try to focus on spending time with your child despite the busyness. You may just be running errands but you can enjoy being with them. Have fun together wherever you are.

It can be difficult to find time to be with your child and enjoy them when you are a working mom. These are 7 tips on how to do that. What would you add to this list?

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what kids want is time from their parents not 'stuff'. perfect example in my sons HS class troubled kids who drive BMW's at 17 & have every imaginable electronic. yet they act out and .... why? bcz mom & dad are busy. sad:(

Put the cell phone away. Turn it off. Don't look at it. Give your children your full attention for an hour. You'll be glad you did.

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