7 Ways to Avoid Toddler Tantrums in the Grocery Store ...


Are you hoping to find ways to avoid toddler tantrums in the grocery store? Taking a toddler to the grocery store can be difficult, to say the least. And as lovely as it is to leave them with Grandma or Daddy, that isn’t always an option. When it isn’t, try these ways to avoid toddler tantrums.

1. Don’t Shop at Naptime

Moms, if you grocery shop when you should be home tucking your little one in for a nap, you are asking for a tantrum. You need to choose times for grocery shopping that are best for your toddler. You want to hit the grocery store with a child who is well rested and recently fed. This is one of the best ways to avoid toddler tantrums. Make sure your child is at their best when you hit the grocery store.

Put Your Child in the Buggy
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