7 Ways Parents Can Prevent Eating Disorders ...


It is important to know some ways parents can prevent eating disorders from occurring in their children. Of course it is not possible to have absolute certainty that you can prevent them, but these things can certainly up your child’s chances of escaping them. These are simple but important ways parents can prevent eating disorders.

1. Don’t Talk about Their Weight

It is not a good idea to talk about your child’s weight with them unless you have to for the sake of their health. If that is the case, the subject should be handled very gently. If you don’t have to have that difficult discussion, it is best to not bring up the subject at all. Just talking to your child about their weight may make them more aware or even begin an obsession with it. If their weight is healthy and there is no reason to discuss it, avoid the subject. This is one of the best ways parents can prevent eating disorders.

Don’t Obsess over Your Own Weight
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