7 POSSIBLE Ways Breastfeeding Can Prevent SIDS ...


I’d like to share a few possible ways breastfeeding can prevent SIDS. Many of us have been affected or know someone who has been affected by SIDS. It’s a very scary and sad thing, but I’m here to let you know of a few reasons and possible ways breastfeeding can prevent SIDS! Breastfeeding is good for mom and baby both. Please read my list below to see why you should consider breastfeeding!

1. Breast Milk Reduces Reflux

One of the possible ways breastfeeding can prevent SIDS is by reducing reflux! Reflux isn’t fun for mom or baby. Babies who have reflux can spit up a lot, and choke on their spit. Laying a baby on their back to sleep has been proven the safest method for avoiding SIDS. If your baby has reflux, this might be a concern to you! Breastfeeding your baby will reduce his chance of reflux and SIDS both.

Breast Milk Can Improve Breathing
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