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7 Ways to Entertain Your Baby That Are Also Fun for You ...

By Eliza

Of all the ways to entertain your baby, the best are the ones that keep you entertained too. Because if we’re all honest, some baby toys and games are mind numbingly boring. Not that you don’t love playing with your baby, but the minutes don’t drag and the entertainment doesn’t make you want to weep if you find things you can enjoy together. So try some new ways to entertain your baby and you’ll both be so happy, you'll never want to stop.

1 Listen to Music

There’s no rule that says you have to listen to irritating kids’ music to benefit your baby. Little ones love the rhythm and lyrics of songs on television and the radio, so don’t feel guilty about playing what you love. One of the best ways to entertain your baby is to crank up the tunes and sing along while your baby listens. Just the sound of your voice is enough to keep him entertained. Dance together if you’re so inclined because that’s fun too. And it burns calories, so that’s a bonus!

2 Take a Walk

Your baby hasn’t seen everything this world has to offer. You might take for granted that neighborhood squirrel or the airplane that flies over the house at lunchtime, but to your baby they’re both brand new. Put your little one in the stroller and take a hike around the block. Point out the leaves, flowers and cats. Your baby will enjoy hearing you talk and watching nature go by, and you’ll enjoy getting out of the house and enjoying some fresh air.


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3 Paint

Who doesn’t love to paint? It’ll pass the time for you and your baby, but your eyes won’t glaze over in boredom after five minutes. Grab some paper, paints and brushes and create to your heart’s content. Trust me, your baby won’t know if you’re any good or not. All she cares about is that you’re spending time with her.

4 Take a Class

Check your local recreation center for mommy and baby classes. For a small fee you can go to a weekly music lesson or arts and crafts time. Not only will you have something to look forward to, but you’ll expose your little one to new and different experiences that are fun for both of you. Swimming lessons are another ideal way to pass some time and make your baby happy. Plus, you’ll get in some exercise at the same time.

5 Look at Animals

Of course, you could go to the zoo, but sometimes the budget and the weather make that a not-so-appealing choice. If that’s not an option, go the local pet store. Nothing entertains a baby more than watching the fish swim in the tank. I’m speaking from personal experience on this one. Plus, there are birds, hamsters, gerbils, cats and sometimes puppies to watch too. Take your camera because there will be lots of smiles to capture on film.

6 Play in the Water

Babies love to splash, scoop and dump water, so what better way to entertain each other than to fill the tub or wading pool? You can either sit close by to play or hop in too and pretend like you’re at the ocean. Add some toys to the mix for even more fun. You might realize it’s time to make dinner before you know it.

7 Go the Fabric Store

You may be asking yourself why. Well, babies love to explore by touching things and fabric is a safe way to indulge this. Place your little one safely in a cart and wander the aisles, letting him run his hands over the terrycloth, knits, flannel and fleece. Let him discover the wonders of yarn, leather, feathers and other craft supplies too. You don’t even have to buy anything to make the trip worthwhile.

I was surprised to find how monotonous life at home with a baby can be. Over time, I found fun ways to keep my boys entertained without being so bored I wanted to die. How do you keep your little one happy?

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