7 Tips for Parents to Raise an Olympic Athlete ...

With the winter Olympics in full effect you may be wondering just how to raise an Olympic athlete. Are Olympians born this way or does parental guidance create this ambition? And what inspires an athlete to have so much inner drive and dedication to become an Olympic athlete? This passion and love for the sport has to come from somewhere, right? These are all great questions and if you are a parent, you have plenty of reason to be in search of the answer. Let me share with you how to raise an Olympic athlete so that you can help your daughter or son to possibly be one in the future.

1. Following in Your Footsteps

If you have a particular sport, career or even a hobby you are very passionate about, you should share this with your child. Passion is not something that can be taught; you either have it or you do not. If your child sees your passion for a sport, they will have a greater interest in trying this out. I became a runner at the young age of seven by following in my father’s footsteps in his passion for running. And although I am not an Olympic athlete, my interest for running was all sparked from my father. I am now a lifelong runner and competitor. So help your child to find a passion, because this is the first step in how to raise an Olympic athlete.