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7 Ways to Help Your Kids to Love Studying ...

By Renee

When you help your kids to love studying now, you are helping them to have a lifetime of healthy discipline. Studying is more than just completing the tasks that the teacher requests. It is following through on what was began earlier in the school day. There are reasons why studying has been assigned, backed up by many years of research on how the brain takes and retains knowledge. If you help your kids to love studying now, as they get older, they may only grow to love expanding their minds and learning more every day!

1 Make It Fun!

How much do you love to do tasks that aren't fun? Yes, in small doses (think teeth brushing, dish washing, and bed-making) anything is possible. But, if you can take a task and turn it into something enjoyable, like when you help your kids to love studying, it turns into a positive experience for you both. This can be simple to do. Attitudes are contagious, so start the homework with a positive one. If you are having fun and it seems as if your child is teaching you, he will be more likely feel like he is a bigger part of the homework process. Also, there's no saying you are not allowed to be silly during homework time. Stay focused and stay silly!

2 Stay on Track

Does your child despise math? Would it be more possible to get her to eat her Brussel sprouts than to do the math workbook? Sometimes, children feel that homework is just another word for busy work. They don't see the building block effect that homework has on their life that once you mastered one level, the foundation for the next has been built, which is the foundation for the next. All they know sometimes, is that it either doesn't make sense or they feel they don't need to know it. Instead of giving them the lecture on why it's important to know the capitals of all of the states, keep it simple. Explain these are the building blocks for the things they want to do in their life. Ask them what they would like to do, and help them to understand how the information they know now will get them to where they want to be. There's nothing wrong with a little healthy selfishness as a good motivator for your child!

3 Rewards

If it seems like the homework hour turns into the homework eternity every night, perhaps a little motivation is in order. How about for every section they answer, they receive a mini Halloween-size box of their favorite treat? If you would prefer not to use candy, how about an extra five minutes of play time? The point is to motivate through knowing what is important to your child, and showing them what is important to you.

4 Set the Timer

Sometimes, it is better to cut it short then to create a dynamic of your child never wanting to begin homework. Many schools suggest no more than 45 minutes per night of homework, especially for younger children. Put the egg timer or microwave timer on, and work in a place so the child knows they can hear when the buzzer goes off. Helping your child to know this is not an infinite process will also help get you on the best track child to complete their homework on a regular basis.

5 Praise

Praise your child for any accomplishments big or small. At least give them a high five or a "nice job." For the most part, children are often motivated by others. If they know they can achieve this praise through homework, you are more likely to have a drama-free homework time.


When your children see you studying, whether it's for work or pleasure, they are more likely to this themselves without complaining. An important part of this is for you not to complain about the work which you need to do either!

7 Take a Breath

Yes, school is very important. It's important to do well, so you can move on in your life to a great college and career. While it may seem like everything hinges on this week's spelling bee, it doesn't. Keep everything in perspective. Help your child to love the opportunity he has to be in school. There are so many kids around the world that don't have this. Don't guilt trip him, but rather celebrate the chance that he has right in front of him. You also need to remember that this is a child, no matter what the age. They are dealing with a lot by learning how to be people in this world. Let them know that they always have an advocate on their side who wishes the best for them, which would be you.

Helping your child to love studying is a formidable task. It is able to be accomplished however. Not only will this give your child a happier life, it will do the same for you. What is one thing you do to help your child do their homework positively each night?

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