7 Easy to Recognize Signs That Your Toddler is Ready to Potty Train ...


Your child will reach many milestones during his first few years, but getting ready to potty train is one of the bigger ones. Kids develop at different rates, so don’t worry if you toddler doesn’t seem all that interested. I promise he will get there eventually. In the meantime, there are some signs that your toddler is ready to potty train. Watching for them can make the difference between potty training that takes months and potty training that only takes a few days.

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Undress Self

Your toddler probably won’t be able to completely dress and undress until she’s closer to kindergarten. But before you potty train, you should be sure she can pull her own pants up and down. Sure, you can help as needed, but it’s going to be infinitely easier for your child to use the toilet if she can do this step on her own.


Hates a Dirty Diaper

If your toddler starts fussing or screaming when he pees or poops in his diaper, it’s a great time to start potty training. That discomfort is a huge motivating factor for encouraging him to go on the toilet and get rid of the diapers. Anytime your toddler soils the diaper, take him to the bathroom to clean up so he can get used to the idea of heading straight there when the urge to go hits.



Does your toddler beg to go into the bathroom with you or pay close attention to what you’re doing when you’re in there? Chances are he’s ready to do what you’re doing. It might be a bit uncomfortable, but letting your toddler watch a same gender parent using the toilet can give your toddler the tools needed to be successful in the bathroom.


You Can Tell when She’s Going

Some toddlers stop what they’re doing and get very still when they’re peeing or pooping in their diaper. If you notice your toddler heading to a quiet corner and taking care of business or you see her squat when she’s going, it’s a good indication that she could potentially potty train very successfully.


Can Follow Simple Instructions

There’s no chance your toddler is going to potty train if he can’t follow directions. He should be able to carry out a two-step set of instructions, such as pull your pants down and sit down. Being able to do what you are telling him to makes it so much simpler to help him learn the steps needed to go to the bathroom on his own.


Stays Dry

Once your toddler stays dry for at least two hours at a time, she’s probably ready to try her hand at using the big potty. This sign indicates that your little one has some control over her bathroom habits and is starting to get on a “schedule” concerning when she’s most likely to go.


Wants Underwear

If you pass the big kid underwear at the store and your toddler is suddenly grabbing his favorite package and tossing them in your cart, you know you’re well on your way to potty training. Use this desire to encourage your toddler to get the job done. Tell him that he can wear the big boy underwear if he makes an effort to go on the toilet instead of in his diaper.

Have you ever potty trained? I’ve done it three times now and I can promise you that if you start too early, it will be a long, frustrating nightmare. My advice – wait until your child is ready. Which signs have you seen in your toddler?

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