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“Wear a helmet,” is a refrain often heard at my house. With three boys at home, it’s common for at least one to forget to grab his helmet before we go on a bike ride. However, it’s something I never compromise on. Imagine the injuries or worse that could happen if your child was hit by a car or went flying over the handlebars. You probably know that bike riding is an activity that means your child will need to wear a helmet, but you might surprised at all the others.

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Scootering Scooters are gaining in popularity and, much like bike riding, require your child to wear a helmet. Chances are he goes scootering in the same places he might ride a bike, so it pays to protect him from passing cars, a trip or a collision with another rider. There are loads of really cool helmets at most sporting goods stores so I promise you’ll find one he’s willing to wear.



Skateboarding I know that you see the older kids riding without a helmet, but it’s simply not safe to hit the skate park without one on. There are often multiple kids going up and down the half pipe and riding the rails, so there’s a good chance your child may run into one of them, resulting in a fall. At the same time, skateboarding takes a lot of coordination and skill so newbies are bound to fall often.



Sledding I know, I know. My kids have no qualms about telling me how dumb this is, but it’s pretty important as it turns out. According to the experts (the people who treat traumatic brain injuries as a result of sledding), the hard surface and sheer speed involved with sledding is a recipe for an injury. By wearing a helmet, kids don’t have to give up a favorite activity, and parents won’t have to worry about a head injury.



Skiing I’m sure you’ve read about the stories where someone crashed into a tree while skiing and suffered brain damage or even death. The truth is that even the best skier can’t control what others on the slope are doing, so it pays to be protected. Some ski resorts are planning to implement strict rules regarding helmets, so don’t be surprised if you have to have them next time you go on a ski vacation.


Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding It may seem innocent enough, but the truth is that horses aren’t perfect and not entirely predictable either, so kids should always wear a helmet when trotting along on a horse’s back. There are specialized helmets for this activity. You can rent or buy depending on how often your child rides. Many are a natural part of a riding outfit and you might not even get any resistance if everyone else is wearing one.


Ice Skating

Ice Skating Think about how hard ice is. Now think about your child’s head hitting that ice if she falls. Not pretty, right? Many pediatricians and child health experts encourage parents to have their child wear a helmet while ice skating. Look for one approved for skateboarding as they often offer more protection to the back of the head than a traditional bike helmet. Not only are they warmer, but are also designed to sustain multiple impacts without needing to be replaced.


Water Sports

Water Sports Canoeing and kayaking are two water sports that experts recommend wearing a helmet for. The sports have specialized helmets that are often available to rent when the boat is rented. They offer protection from rocks if the canoe or kayak flips and go a long way toward preventing a traumatic injury on the water.

Do you make your kids wear a helmet? Look for one that fits snugly, but isn’t too tight and make sure to set a good example by wearing your own helmet.

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