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There are some great reasons to get a fish tank, which is why each of my kids has one in their room. My scientist son has a big tank, but my less interested little ones have a small Betta tank. Either way, they are benefiting from those swimmers in ways they don’t even know about. A fish tank isn’t too much maintenance once you get it set up and ready to go. So if you’re debating whether it’s a good idea or not, check out these reasons to get a fish tank and I’m sure you’ll be convinced to go for it.

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It’s Fun

For kids, what’s better than a good time? One of the best reasons to get a fish tank is that it’s enjoyable. Kids love to sit by the tank and watch the fish dart in and out of the plants and rocks. It’s also fun for kids to help pick out the decorations for the tank and help decide where to arrange everything. Get your kids in on the action and the chances that they’ll take some ownership of their tank are much higher.


It Boosts Responsibility

Teaching kids responsibility benefits them now and for their whole lives. Having fish is slightly easier than caring for a dog or cat, so it’s a great way to introduce them to obligations they must take care of. When they have to remember to feed their fish every day and clean the tank every couple of weeks, it teaches kids to be responsible for their pets and to do what’s best for them, even if they’d rather be playing or watching television.


They Learn about Science

Your kids will learn from a fish tank, but they won’t even know it! That’s great news for parents, right? As you choose and care for the fish, your child gets to know the names of his choices, how they like the water temperature and where they like to hang out in the tank. When he watches his fish swim, he gets a mini science lesson in how fins and gills operate. Grab a fish book or bookmark a few websites so that you can look up answers when your child asks something you don’t know.


You Can Reinforce Preschool Concepts

If you have toddlers or preschoolers, a fish tank is a fun new way to reinforce important skills, such as color and shape recognition. Your child can identify the various colors of your fish and point out the shapes of the items on the gravel. She’ll have a great time pointing out everything in the tank and you can be happy that she’s grasping important concepts before she starts school.


Eases Stress

Think about how you feel when you sit and idly watch the fish swimming around. After a couple of minutes, it’s almost hypnotizing, isn’t it? Your child can really lower his stress levels by spending a few minutes watching his fish when emotions run high. I have each of my child’s tanks opposite their beds so they can relax and unwind while they watch their pets swim as they fall asleep each night.


Bonding Moments

If we’re totally honest with ourselves, parents often get busy doing things and fail to spend quality time with their kids even if they’re both home. The fish tank is the perfect chance for you to shut out distractions and bond with your child. Even once the tank is set up, you can bond by checking on the fish, talking about what’s going on in the water and deciding which fish is your favorite. Have some fun coming up with silly names for them too! You’ll feel closer to each other in no time!


Works for Special Needs

Kids who have special needs can also benefit from an aquarium. Research shows that kids with ADHD or similar issues can be calmed down by having a fish tank. This might also be true for autistic kids and those who have a hard time regulating their emotions.

Do you have a fish tank? Are these reasons enough to make you want one? I promise you won’t regret it.

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