9 Tips for Cloth Diapering ...


Would you like to learn a few tips for cloth diapering? Cloth diapering is NOT what it used to be. Modern technology has really advanced the cloth diapering methods! If youโ€™re considering cloth diapers, but just arenโ€™t sure yet, maybe these tips for cloth diapering can help convince you. Remember, you can always switch to disposable if you find that cloth doesnโ€™t work for you!

1. Getting Started

Of all the tips for cloth diapering, my number one hint is to not be intimidated by using cloth diapers! Despite hearsay, itโ€™s not anymore difficult than using disposable diapers. You still have to change your baby AND do laundry anyway, so why stress about it? To get started, you will typically need about 12-15 diapers. Some moms start out with fewer, but having this amount means you only need to wash them every other day instead of every day.

Try Different Types
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