7 Things to Know about Montessori Schools if You Are considering One ...


There are several important things to know about Montessori schools if you are thinking about a Montessori education for your child. Montessori schools are for students in preschool through high school, and they follow the Montessori Method of education developed by Dr. Maria Montessori. Dr. Montessori was a physician who focused on psychiatry and educational theory, which lead her to develop the Montessori style of learning. She opened the first school in 1907, and the schools have gained popularity over the last one hundred years. Although the Montessori style of learning is nontraditional, one of the things to know about Montessori schools is there are benefits to sending your child to one.

1. Key Aspects

When considering a Montessori education, there are several key things to know about Montessori schools. To begin, Montessori schools provide a much more independent education than traditional schools. Children are encouraged to focus their learning on things that interest them, and they are given uninterrupted blocks of learning time. While children do learn more independently, there is an interdisciplinary curriculum that is followed. So, you can think of Montessori education as guided education instead of directed education.

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