8 Things That Are Okay to do during Pregnancy ...


Wondering if there are a few things that are okay to do during pregnancy? Pregnant women are told that there are so many things that are unsafe to do while pregnant, and in reality, you can really do many of those things and still preserve the safety of your baby! Babies are well protected in their mother’s wombs. Many of the items on this list I have done throughout my own pregnancy! Please read each item carefully, to find out a few safety precautions and other helpful tips, in case you decide to try a few of these things that are okay to do during pregnancy!

1. Sleeping on Your Stomach

One of the things that are okay to do during pregnancy is sleep on your stomach! My nurse told me to stop sleeping on my stomach after 13 weeks of pregnancy, but I didn’t even have a bump yet! I continued to sleep on my stomach until it was too large to lie on. Once you reach that point, you can do a partial position between your back and stomach using a pillow to support your side and keep you directly off of your tummy.

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