7 Sure Ways to Spot Bad Parenting ...


While I'm sure every preceding generation says this about the next, poor parenting choices seem to be a major problem today, and there are so many ways to spot bad parenting! From outright physical abuse to more subtle (but just as harmful) lapses of parenting, who hasn't been tempted to step in once in a while? I've felt the need to tactfully step in a few times recently, so I thought I'd share a few of the ways to spot bad parenting, so you're aware, too.

1. Neglect

I know that one of the first ways to spot bad parenting is if the parent is completely ignoring the child, and not meeting their basic needs. If the parent does not care about the child enough to pay attention to them, then they are neglecting their child. Parents need to nurture and spend time with their children in order for them to grow up as social people, so if you suspect there's neglect going on, consider stepping in.

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