7 Steps to Get Your Child Organized ...


If your kids’ bedrooms are a mess, you definitely need to follow some steps to get your child organized. You have enough to do keeping the home running and there’s no reason why your kids can’t do their bit by keeping their rooms neat. Kids accumulate more stuff than you might imagine. If, when you walk into their room things are spilling out of drawers and chests, there’s not enough room in the closet, and there’s no space on the desk to do homework, it’s definitely time to take action and follow these steps to get your child organized.

1. Schedule a Day

One of the most important steps to get your child organized is to actually make the time to dedicate a few hours for clean up. Schedule a day in advance and make sure you and your child have 3-4 hours free for tackling the clutter and cleaning up the mess in the bedroom. To make sure you give your kid your undivided attention, I recommend you turn off all phones in the house and shut down the computer, to avoid temptations such as checking your email or what's new on Facebook and AllWomenStalk.

Remove Any Items That Have Nothing to do There
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