7 Quite Surprising Reasons Why Your Kids Lie to You ...

If you are a parent, I’m sure you would like to know what are the reasons why your kids lie to you. Usually, most kids have pretty much the same reasons for lying as adults have, but very often, lying is a clear sign that your little one is having some problems with self-esteem, because they might think that they’re not good or nice enough or that their actions should be better. If this is one of the reasons why your kids lie to you, then you should definitely do something about it. I know this behavior can be really upsetting for most parents, but you should try to find out the reasons why your kid did it in the first place and then try to correct this behavior.

1. They Don’t Want to Be Punished

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One of the most common reasons why your kids lie to you is the fact that they just don’t want to be punished for their actions, thus for their mistakes. If they took a bad grade or if they did something that really upset you in the past and they were punished a bit harshly for it, in most cases, they will tend to hide the truth from you in order to avoid the consequences. That’s why, it’s really important to find out what’s behind their behavior, so you would know what actions to take in order to correct it.

2. They Want to Please You

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You may be surprised to find out but a lot of kids often lie in order to please their family and to avoid disappointing their loved ones. That’s why they can be tempted to lie about their school performances or about their achievements because they believe this is the way they could make their parents proud. If that’s why your kids are lying to you, then maybe you should think about the pressure you may be putting on them and ask yourself if you are not too demanding or if you have expectations that are a bit too high.

3. They Want to Draw Your Attention

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One of the things most studies have shown is the fact that most kids lie in order to draw their parents’ attention. If this is the reason why your kid is constantly lying to you, well maybe you should think about the way you reward them when they have a success or if you do that at all. Most kids who lie to draw their parents’ attention, admit that they do it because they think otherwise their parents won’t even know they exist. So, try to praise your son or daughter every time they deserve it.

4. They Want to Receive Different Benefits

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I think that probably everyone has lied at least one time in their life in order to receive different benefits, so I guess you understand why kids do this too. It’s the easiest way to obtain different things they want, things they don’t think they could obtain any other way. To avoid that, maybe you should think about instating a reward system for your child so they wouldn’t have to lie to you when they want something and they could just work in order to obtain it.

5. They Don’t Want to Assume Responsibility for Their Actions

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Another very common reason why most kids lie to their parents nowadays is because they do not want to assume any responsibility for their actions. Well, that not a big surprise, you might say; after all, they’re only kids. Well, no matter how cute you might think this is, you shouldn’t allow it because your kid should know that every mistake has consequences and most of the time, their actions can affect other people as well, not only themselves. Don’t allow them to just lie and let somebody else take the blame for their actions! They should learn to assume responsibility.

6. They Have a Low Self-Esteem

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As I’ve said before, one of the more recently recognized causes of why children often lie to their parents is the fact that they’re actually have a low self-esteem. Some kids who are more sensitive might think that they’re not working hard enough to make their parents happy or that they must be doing something wrong since their parents are always upset or worried. So, if you notice your child is not feeling worthy of your love or that they think they are never good enough, take some action immediately and show them that they are wrong and reassure them of your never-ending love and support.

7. They Learn This Habit from Other Kids

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You must know by now how quick and smart are your little ones. That’s why, you should know that children do learn a lot of things through imitation so try to learn as much as you can about your kid’s friends and also, become your kid's best friend. This way, you will know if their friends are a bad influence and if this is the reason why they have lied to you lately. Show that lying is not an answer and advise them to show that to their friends too.

If you have discover that your child has been lying to you, the best thing you can do is to focus on the bond you two have and also, on establishing a much better way of communicating with your little one. What do you think you should do if you discover that your kid hasn’t been very honest with you lately? Can you think of other reasons why children lie? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments section!

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