7 Popular Myths about Parenting That Aren't True ...


There are a lot of myths about parenting that aren’t true. Since there are so many prescriptions for good parenting nowadays (it seems like there’s a new trend every week about the best way to raise your child), it’s easy to become frustrated and confused if you are a young first-time parent. Those common myths about what it takes to be a good parent both inspire and overwhelm most people. All those theories and societal pressures have actually created a lot of stress and anxiety for parents, so it’s time to clear up some misguided notions about good and bad parenting. Here are 7 popular myths about parenting that aren’t true, all of which you should consider:

1. Parenting Has to Be Stressful and Chaotic

This is one of the most common and most popular myths about parenting that aren’t true. The media nowadays seems to be sending this message, since we can see images of exhausted and overwhelmed parents everywhere. Parenting doesn't have to be this way; if you learn certain tricks and develop some new skills, you will manage to live your life as a new parent more peacefully.

You Have to Parent Perfectly so Your Kids Will Turn out Okay
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