7 Myths about Only Children ...


Being the mother of only one child, and no plans of having anymore, I become a little defensive on myths about only children. Of course, I’m a little bias about my own child, but I also have friends with only children that don’t fit the myths about only children either. I believe it's more about how the child is raised and taught, than it is about not having siblings.

1. Spoiled

Honestly, I think it is ridiculous when people tell me my child is spoiled. Sure she has many nice things, but so do so many other kids. It’s not just our children that want a little bit of everything. We as parents, also want to give our kids what everyone else has. That being said, I’m a bit more practical minded and when my daughter was a toddler and preschooler, I just couldn’t justify spending the money on the big plastic play houses or kitchens all her friends and cousins had. It’s just too much money knowing that it’s only going to be played with for a couple of years. Of course families with multiple kids can get much better use out of it.

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