7 Misconceptions about Being a Stay at Home Mom ...


Often times in a career-oriented culture, there tends to be many misconceptions about being a stay at home mom that are generally pretty negative. Well, being one myself I figured I would share with you some of those beliefs about moms who choose to stay home with their babies instead of having a career. There are pros and cons of course, but many misconceptions about being a stay at home mom are ingrained into so many minds which simply don't understand that lifestyle and just need more information and a different perspective. While most people don't actually verbalize these common misconceptions stated below, they are still well-known beliefs so keep reading!

1. "What do You do All Day?"

This is definitely one of the most common misconceptions about being a stay at home mom. Often times people assume that being "in the home" means that we have the freedom to sit on the couch and watch TV all day. Not only is this not a possibility, but it would be extremely neglectful parenting to sit on your bum and not tend to your children. In reality, many moms who stay home aren't actually home all that often. There's grocery shopping and miscellaneous shopping trips, dentist and doctor appointments, music/art/sports events, play dates, park trips, and much more. While in the home, your attention is always needed from cooking to cleaning to fixing cuts and scrapes to simple play time and interaction with your kids. There's hardly ever a dull moment being a stay at home mom.

"It Must Be a Luxury to Get to Stay Home."
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