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When you find out you're going to have a baby, looking at cribs naturally takes up a good bit of time. There are options for every budget, which is great because you're sure to find the one that suits your needs and finances. While all of the cribs on this list are lovely, keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics doesn't recommend putting your baby to sleep in a crib with a bumper, pillows, stuffed animals or thick blankets. Go ahead and pose your baby for photos with all the extras, but be sure you remove them before leaving your little one to sleep in the crib.

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Upholstered Crib

Upholstered Crib Via A Posh, Neutral Nursery
This elegant crib would be great for a boy or a girl's nursery and happens to be one of the best cribs on this list. What do you think?


Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple Via Lily Kate's Pretty Pink and ...
The design and bedding in this crib are simple, but that's what makes it so great.


Dark Wood

Dark Wood Via 20 gorgeous crib sets without ...
Darker stained wood seems to be more popular right now and this crib is the perfect example of how great it looks.


Rustic Built

Rustic Built Via Wall Decals Nursery Vinyl Lettering ...
This handmade crib sure is something special, isn't it?


Painted Crib

Painted Crib Via How to Paint a Crib ...
There's no reason why you can't paint your baby's crib to get just the right color. Just remember that he might eventually chew on it so choose non-toxic paints.


With Storage beneath

With Storage beneath Via House of Turquoise: Coastal Inspired ...
This crib gives you extra storage space without having everything out to see.


All White

All White Via Six2Eleven: After a long hiatus...
A white wooden crib would be super easy to match to any nursery, whether it's for a son or daughter.


Paired with Bright Paint

Paired with Bright Paint Via Jackson's Teal and Grey Chevron ...
If you'd rather not paint the crib, try slicking some color on the walls instead.


Safety Standards

Safety Standards Via Most Viewed Nurseries of 2013 ...
This is the perfect example of the new safety recommendations for a crib. It doesn't have a drop side and the blanket can be taken off while your baby sleeps.


This charming crib not only meets current safety regulations but also blends style with peace of mind. Notice the slats are the correct distance apart to prevent little heads from getting stuck. Also, there are no pillows or toys inside, reducing the risk of SIDS. It showcases how parents don't have to compromise on aesthetics to keep their precious bundle cozy and secure. Remember to always check for the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JPMA) certification, ensuring that the furniture meets the highest safety standards.


Cheery Colors

Cheery Colors Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
One of the most enjoyable parts about choosing a crib is picking which bedding will go with it.


Dust Ruffle

Dust Ruffle Via Custom baby bedding - Aqua, ...
As long as the dust ruffle is out of baby's reach, it's probably a safe way to dress up the crib.


Low Sides

Low Sides Via Unavailable Listing on Etsy
Reaching in to pick up your baby is so much easier when the sides of the crib are low like this one.


Round Crib

Round Crib Via Restoration Hardware - Refunk My ...
If I ever had another baby, this is the crib I would buy! Do you love it?


For Twins

Via Blessings and Raindrops: Show Us ...
I almost want to have twins just so I could use this great crib.


Corner Crib

Corner Crib Via Corner Baby Cribs are Space ...
If you're short on space, this corner crib is a great option.


Sleigh Style

Sleigh Style Via julie parker photography......delight in the ...
A sleigh style crib adds a dramatic look to your baby's bedroom.


Keep Your Baby Close

Keep Your Baby Close Via baby cribs attached parents bed ...
Doctors debate about the safety of co-sleeping, but this set-up is probably safer than putting your baby in your own bed.


Built in Changing Table

Built in Changing Table Via 25 Hacks To Make Room ...
How awesome is this? Two pieces of furniture combined into one easy unit.

What are you looking for in a crib? My kids have long outgrown sleeping in a crib, but it's still fun to see what's out there. Did you find the one you want for your baby's nursery?

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