7 Lifesaving Tips for Dressing when You're Breastfeeding ...


Dressing when you’re breastfeeding isn’t always easy. I can attest to that! So that’s why I’m sharing what I learned over the years so you can navigate the world of breastfeeding anywhere without losing all dignity and pride. Check out these ways of dressing when you’re breastfeeding and you’ll be ready to face any situation.

1. Wear Hoodies

If it’s cold, wear a hoodie. It’s easy access! You can unzip it easily, but it covers your nursing tops so it isn’t so obvious what you’re up to when a stranger passes you in public. You can find lots of cute and attractive hoodies that leave you looking trendy and up to date even if you are a mom. Plus, you can use the extra fabric to cover your little one and keep prying eyes from getting an eyeful of the goods. So stock up on zipped hoodies as you plan your attack when it comes to dressing when you’re breastfeeding.

Don’t Wear a Dress
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