7 Important Reasons to Consider Natural Child Birth ...


Are you looking for a few valid reasons to consider natural childbirth? Perhaps you are interested in all your options, or maybe you are genuinely curious. Even if you just need some solid reasoning to back your claims with stubborn family members, this article has some legitimate reasons to consider natural childbirth! Having a baby may not be easy, but for most, it’s not impossible to do naturally. In many ways, it’s better for you and baby both! Read on to discover why.

1. Freedom to Move about

One of my top reasons to consider natural childbirth is because you have freedom to move about at will and change positions if needed. With an epidural or even pain meds you will be unable to move around. Going through labor can be uncomfortable even with pain medications or interventions, so it’s nice having the option of moving around to get comfortable!

Keeping Baby Safe
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