7 Humorous and Unconventional Parenting Ideas ...


As most parents know, there is never any set guide on how to raise your children right. You do the best you can and hope your kids grow up to be successful and happy adults who look back with fond memories of their childhood. Some parents, though, like to do things with their kids that are different and not necessarily by the books. These things often tend to be the most memorable to your children in the long run and may even end up being a better form of parenting. I'm here to share 7 Humorous and Unconventional Parenting Ideas that you can try with your kids.

1. Toy Hoarding

Is your child terrible with leaving their things everywhere in the house? Why not take the things they leave out for ransom? The next time your child leaves their toys out and doesn't clean up when told, hide the toy somewhere they can't find. Then leave a note where it was left saying they will only get it back if they do a chore. They will quickly realize they should stop leaving their things laying around or else they are going to have to do something they don't like to do in order to get it back.

Tooth Fairy Evidence
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