7 Good Habits for Your Children That You Should Model Every Day ...


There are loads of good habits for your children to learn, but that means you have to teach them. One of the best ways to get your kids to learn these things is to model them each and every day. Kids absorb vast amounts of knowledge simply by observing the world around them. So it follows that the way you act is the way they’re going to act. I know that can be scary, and the occasional slip up is sure to happen, but if you show off good habits for your children, they’ll likely follow suit.

1. Good Manners

One of the best good habits for your children is good manners. Nothing makes me more upset than the sense of entitlement that many kids these days seem to have. I always tell my own kids that they don’t have a right to anything – they have to use their good manners to get what they want. That means saying “please” and “thank-you” at all times, holding the door for others and being polite to those around them. I ensure that they learn these skills by doing them myself.

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