7 Facts You Should Know when Trying to Conceive ...


Deciding the right time in your life to get pregnant and starting the process of trying to conceive is an exciting and scary time! Pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful thing and it also comes with many challenges. Some of those challenges start the moment you begin trying to conceive and don't really ever end! There is plenty of interesting information and important facts you should know about trying to get pregnant and beyond that are super beneficial. With that being said, here are some of them to consider when trying to conceive!

1. Start Your Prenatals before You Conceive

It's really important to begin your prenatal vitamins before trying to conceive because it prepares your body and future baby with the proper nutrients. There are certain nutrients that are essential for a developing fetus, especially in the first few weeks before you even know you're pregnant! DHA, folic acid and iron are the primary components to look for when choosing the right prenatal. Some don't have DHA which is vital for neural tube development so make sure the one you pick has it! Also keep in mind that you need to take it with food because a prenatal vitamin is dense and can cause an upset tummy!

Make Sure You're Eating Healthy and Exercising
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