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I think every mother would like to know how to make vaccination days easier. It is never any fun when your baby has to have shots. You know they need them and you know that you are a good mom for having them done but let’s face it; they make for some hard days! Let these 7 tips help you to make vaccination days easier on both you and your baby.

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Take along Help

When you can, take along help on vaccination days. Going to the doctor with a little one is hard. Going anywhere with a little one is hard, even when your baby is happily gurgling and smiling at the world. But when they are hurting and crying, you can definitely use an extra pair of arms. Taking along an extra person to help you carry stuff, open doors and other things can definitely help to make vaccination days easier.


Free up Your Day

Here is a very simple tip that will make a world of difference on vaccination days. Free your day. Do not plan to do anything but baby care and comforting that day. You may get lucky and not need to spend a lot of time comforting a fussy baby but if you do, you won’t be stressed because you had a lot of other things planned to accomplish that day. Do as much as you can to prepare for a vaccination day beforehand.


Don’t Let Baby Get Stiff

It is important that your baby moves their legs at least a little bit after their vaccinations to avoid excessive soreness. Letting them sleep in their car seat for a long period of time will probably make them stiff. Be sure to move them from their car seat to their crib or bassinet when you get home or soon afterward. Even though they move their legs very little anyways, it does make a big difference. You may even want to move their legs around just a bit more than usual when you change them to help exercise some of that soreness out.


Give a Dose of Tylenol

You know that you can give your baby Tylenol for the pain after their shots and that is a good thing. But it can also really help if you give them a dose beforehand. I gave my children a dose of Tylenol when we arrived at the pediatrician’s office for their vaccinations. This way, it was kicking in about the time they got their shots. It can help take the edge off of the pain for them.


Plan an Easy Meal That Day

A day that your baby has vaccinations is not a day that you want to plan to cook a gourmet meal. Plan a very easy supper that day. Think of something you can throw in the crockpot or oven to cook on its own. Take-out is also a good option for days your baby has a vaccination. The point is that you want to make sure that you have the freedom to be available when your baby needs you that day.



It is nerve-wracking to watch your baby have shots, but you being tense will not help anything. More than that, you have probably learned by now that your baby picks up on your emotions. If you are tense, they will be more likely to be, too. Relax and try to do your best not to get upset when your baby does. It can help them to calm down much quicker.


Call the Doctor with Any Concerns

There are some side effects to most vaccinations. Usually they are small like a very low-grade temperature, some fussiness and crying. But there are also side-effects that are not normal and need to be reported on the rare occasion that they occur. Ask your doctor for handouts on the vaccinations your baby is receiving when you are there and be sure and call if you have any questions or concerns. Don’t worry about bothering them; it is their job to make sure your baby is in the best health possible at all times.

Vaccination days are not the most fun days you will have but these 7 tips should help to make them easier for you. What tricks do you use to make vaccination day easier for you and your baby? I know other moms would love to hear your secrets!

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