7 Awesome Reasons to Take Preggo Selfies ...


7 Awesome Reasons to Take Preggo Selfies ...
7 Awesome Reasons to Take Preggo Selfies ...

Pregnant selfies are a whole different breed of selfies. Being pregnant is a special time in your life so it only makes sense that taking selfies at this time is going to be different, too. There are a lot of great reasons to take pregnant selfies. I hope this list motivates you to capture them often and share them with all of your family and friends.

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You Can Chart Your Pregnancy Journey

Taking pregnant selfies is a wonderful way to chart your pregnancy journey. Pregnancy is a time in your life when so much changes so very quickly. You think at the time that you are going to remember every moment of it but you won’t. You only have a limited amount of time to capture memories and moments of your pregnancy. Pregnant selfies are a great way to do that.


They Are Very Sweet

You know, regular selfies can kind of get out of hand if you are not careful. If you take too many of them, you tend to come off as arrogant and struck on yourself. This is not the case with pregnant selfies. There is nothing self-centered about a preggo selfie. They are sweet and loved by all.


You Can Take Your Time

I love pregnancy pictures, whether it is a selfie, a snapshot or a professional picture. But when someone else is taking the picture, you may feel like you can’t ask for another shot to be taken or you fear inconveniencing someone. When you take preggo selfies, you can take your time with it. Reshoot as many times as you need to until you get a shot you feel good about. It can be relaxing and a lot of fun.


You Can Watch Your Tummy Grow

A lot happens from month to month when you are pregnant in terms of body changes and growth. The changes happen even faster in the third trimester. You are seeing changes from week to week by that point. But you may not notice it if you don’t see pictures of yourself. Pregnant selfies can show you and everyone else just how much your baby is growing and your body is changing.


They Are Wonderful to Share

Pregnant selfies are wonderful to share. Friends and family can follow along with your pregnancy from near and far. It is not only fun for you; it is fun for them. They will feel so much more a part of your pregnancy with these regular selfies that you share with them. I have loved getting to follow along with the pregnancies of some people in my inner circle on social media.


It Shares the Joy of Your Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time and it can be so much fun. Sharing that not only makes you feel happy, it makes others feel happy as well. They will love that they get to participate in the joy of your pregnancy, even if it is only by being an onlooker. It is fun for everyone. It also makes everyone so much more excited for your little one’s arrival.


You Will Look Back on Them with Love

Those pregnant selfies don’t seem like a big deal now but they will in the future. When you can’t remember exactly when it was that you had to give up on jeans and accept maternity clothes, your selfies can refresh your memory. You will be surprised how nostalgic you feel when you look back at them after your baby is born and in years to come. Take lots of pregnant selfies now while you can! I guarantee you it is something you will not regret.

Pregnant selfies are fun and valuable for so many different reasons. Did you take a lot of pregnant selfies? I would love to hear your comments on my article!

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