7 Crunchy Parenting Topics That Are Highly Debated ...


Do you know what crunchy parenting topics are? If you have never heard of crunchy parenting, then read on to learn a few of the definitions for crunchy parenting! Iā€™m not here to say whether or not you should employ either of these methods with your baby; that is a personal decision. I would like to throw a few crunchy parenting topics out there for your consideration, as many new parents are ill informed when it comes to their options, and yes, rights, as a parent. Below are my top picks for highly debated crunchy parenting topics!

1. Breastfeeding versus Bottle-feeding

Probably one of the most popular crunchy parenting topics of all is breastfeeding versus bottle-feeding. In my experience there are benefits to both! Mothers who breastfeed tend to be very passionate about breastfeeding. Mothers who bottle-feed are sometimes looked down on by breastfeeding mothers. This is one topic that can get heated!

Homeschooling versus Public Schooling
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