7 Wonderful Benefits of Breastfeeding Your Precious Baby ...


The benefits of breastfeeding are quite numerous, and outside of the gift of life, there’s really no better gift a mother can give her child besides breast milk! Breast milk is packed full of great antibodies that your baby uses to build his or her immune system, and grow into a strong, healthy child. Breastfeeding isn’t without its obstacles, but if you are considering whether you should breastfeed your child, you may find that the benefits of breastfeeding outweigh any challenges you might face!

1. Protection from Illness

One of the highest benefits of breastfeeding is the protection from and immunity to certain illnesses and diseases your child receives. Studies have shown that breastfed babies are less likely to get ear infections, colds, stomach viruses, the flu, allergies, respiratory illnesses, and many forms of cancer. The benefits of breast milk even extend to further in life, contributing to a healthier heart, lower risk of diabetes, low cholesterol, and healthy blood pressure!

Less Risk of Breast Cancer
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