18 Important Manners to Teach Your Children ...


If you are a parent you may be wondering about what manners you should teach to your kids.

We all want polite, well behaved children and this starts at home by teaching them proper etiquette and manners.

If you are a mom you are not going to want to miss this list of 18 important manners to teach your children.

1. Waiting Turns

I will admit, even as an adult waiting turns can be so hard.

However, it is an important manner to teach your children, because it’s a part of everyday life.2

Think of all those jerks that cut you off on the highway or push you over during Black Friday shopping.

I bet their mothers never taught them to wait turns.2

Do you know people like this?

2. No Calling Names

Name calling is harsh.

It’s a form of bullying and as parents we need to put an end to it before it gets out of hand.2

Unfortunately children learn name calling from parents.

Think about the number of times your child has heard you say something bad about another person or call them a mean name.

I know I’m guilty of it and, I bet if you are honest with yourself, so are you.

We have to stop name calling and set a positive example for our children.2

3. Greet Your Guest

Greeting guest may seem a little old fashion, but it’s still an important manner to teach kids.

Kids need to know that it is important to welcome guest into the home, even if all they say is a simple, “Hello.”

4. Please

Hearing a child ask for something in a demanding way or even when they just don't say please drives me crazy.

It’s even worse when I hear adults do this.

You aren’t owed anything, ask politely.

Thank You
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