Yes, I Kiss My Kids on the Lips... What's the Big Deal? 💋 ...


So remember last week when the whole world was pissed that Victoria Beckham posted a photo of herself smooching her daughter, Harper, on the lips? I have a confession to make: I, too, kiss my kids. On the lips. And you know what? Just like Victoria's kids, my kids are JUST FINE. You know what else? I do LOTS of things that would make the collective internet scowl, and I DGAF at all.

1. I do Kiss My Kids 😗

Let me be clear: kissing my kids is just another way to show them affection, and we're all fine with it. No one's in therapy, no one's doomed to a life of hardship...and in fact, my kids are both happy, they're well-adjusted, they're secure, and they feel loved.

They Get Screen Time, Too 📱
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