What You Should Know about Postpartum 👶🏻 Depression 😔 ...


If you are pregnant or have just had your baby, here's what you should know about postpartum depression.

About 1 in 7 women experience postpartum depression, or PPD, and half of those diagnosed are experiencing their first episode of depression. Further, about half of these woman also experienced PPD symptoms during pregnancy. Different birth experiences play a role in postpartum mental health issues, although, this link is not always documented. Regardless, research is lacking in this area. Postpartum depression impacts the bonding experience between mother and child and creates a difficult transition time for the mother. Postpartum depression can affect the partner, if involved, making support for the mother more difficult.

In any case, understanding what you should know about postpartum depression can help you enjoy the early days with your baby and can even save your life.

1. Symptoms of PPD

What you should know about postpartum depression starts with the symptoms. Signs of PPD include depressed mood or severe mood swings, excessive crying, difficulty bonding with your baby, withdrawal, loss or unusual gain of appetite, insomnia or sleeping too much, overwhelming fatigue, reduced interest in activities once enjoyed, intense irritability, fear of not being a good mother, feelings of guilt and inadequacy, diminished ability to think clearly, severe anxiety, thoughts of harming self or baby, and recurrent thoughts of death or suicide. If you experience any of these after your baby is born, see a doctor ASAP.

Postpartum Depression is Scary and Serious
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