11 Ways to Tell That Your Child Has Entered the Terrible Tweens ...


Ah, the Terrible Tweens. Arguably worse than the Terrible Twos, this transitional period is a nightmare for the kids and the parents. In retrospect, I think my parents had it worse than I did, because I probably took at least a small amount of joy in my moody, brooding, snarking journey toward proper puberty. β€œTween” is a relatively new term, but kids have been going through the Terrible Tweens for years. Decades. Centuries. Millennia. Juliet? Yeah, that whole thing with Romeo and Paris and the suicide, that was probably a bit of tweendom. During that span between age 9 and age 12, things get a little wonky. Is your child officially a tween?

1. Spoken Communication Ceases

One moment you're best friends with your little boy or girl. He worships you like a goddess, she wants to grow up to be just like you, and you're the first person who hears all the triumphs and tears and secrets. The next … what? Suddenly, there are no words. You know your child has entered the Terrible Tweens when you get nothing but grunts, mutters, eye rolls … and texts. Lots and lots of texts. You don't even get the courtesy of an email.

It's All about the Trends
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