7 Ways to Manage Working from Home with Kids ...


Thanks to the advent of technology and the wonderful invention of the Internet, many parents are enjoying the benefits of working from home with kids. After all, as a parent, you want to be able to spend as much time as possible with your kids. I work from home, and I love it. I get to experience so many wonderful moments with my son. However, while working from home with kids is certainly a blessing, it can also be a big challenge. In fact, it is often more difficult to do than working in an office setting. However, with some effective management, you can successfully work from home with your kids. Here are seven things that I do to make it work.

1. Wake up Earlier

The first key to successfully working from home with kids is waking up earlier. I set my alarm to 6 a.m., Monday through Friday; this is about 2 hours before my little guy wakes up. In these 2 hours, I can get a good bit of work done without distractions.

Nap Time is Prime Work Time
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